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ARCASIA Forum 2015
ARCASIA Forum 2015
Svarga Residence - Batujimbar, Indonesia
Vanke Tangyue Townhouse - Guangdong, China
Point 92 - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Dailai Bamboo Complex - Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam
Feng Jicai Research Institute of Literature and Fine Art - Tianjin, China
Kunming Changshui International Airport Terminal - Kunming, China
Pacific Pharma Healthcare Campus - Gyeongi-do, Korea
Lucky Shophouse - Singapore
Flood Reconstruction Across Pakistan - Pakistan
Tenio Green Design Center - Tianjin, China

Cross Border Training

Remark :
  • All applicants must apply through their respective architectural institutes.
  • Process ; The Visiting institute will contact the Host institute and go through verification process to finalize the application

Student Cross Border Training

Item Company Name Website Perdium No. of Students Time Period Other Conditions
1 August Design Consultant Co., Ltd. N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 M.A.A.R. Co., Ltd. Bath 10,000/Month 1 N/A N/A
3 Oriental Studio Bath 10,000/Month 1 Aug.. - Dec. 2014 English Speaking
4 The Beaumont Parnetship N/A 5 entire year English Speaking
5 Design 103 International Ltd. N/A 1 As request N/A
6 Pattana Professional Co., Ltd Bath 300/Day 1-2 1 Month Summit Portfolio or Example of Rendering Perspective
7 Dhevanand Bath 6,000-10,000/Month 2 1-3 Months N/A
8 Consultants of Technology Co., Ltd N/A 1 1-2 Months Internship in Urban Planning and Design Department
9 Rafa Plus Architect Ltd. N/A 1 2 Months N/A
10 Ongsa Architects Co., Ltd. Bath 300 /Day 1 2-4 Months -
11 Z&SR Architectural Ventures Sdn Bhd RM1,000/month 1 - 2 students 2 - 3 months English or Malay speaking, 4th year and above
12 VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd RM600 - 800/month 2 students 3 months English speaking, portfolio
13 Arkitek Mustapha Kamal RM600 – RM1,000/month 1 – 2 students 4 – 6 months Own accommodation and will teach all scope

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Supporting Media

architecture asiaE-magazine
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Architecture Asia (AA) - ARCASIA Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Architecture Asia (AA), the ARCASIA’s magazine, which is published by Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) for ARCASIA in both printed and e-formats, will be restructured and revamped with the objective of elevating it to a publication that captures and reflects the design excellence of the Architects within our region.

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Committee of Architecture Education (ACAE)

Cross Border Training

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