Zone C Meeting, Weihai (16-08-13)

Zone C meeting was held on the 16th August 2013 in Weihai, China hosted by Architectural Society of China (ASC), in conjunction with their Weihai International Habitat Festival. The meeting was held concurrently with the ARCASIA Office Bearers & Committee Chairs Meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ar. Xu Zongwei, the Vice President of Zone C (ASC) and attended by the President/representatives of Zone C Member Institutes JIA, KIRA, HKIA, AMA except UMA.

Zone C Meeting. the meeting was hosted by Ar. Xu Zongwei, Vice President of Zone C from ASC and attended by all the Presidents/representatives of Zone C Member Institutes KIRA, JIA, AAM, HKIA except for UMA. President Tan Pei Ing also attended part of the meeting.