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ARCASIA Travel Prize 2015

Future of The Past – Steel Construction

ARCASIA Travel Prize 2015

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The ARCASIA Travel Prize in Architecture is the travel and research scholarship given to Young Architects of ARCASIA (40 years and under) and member of the institute of their country. The emphasis of the traveling scholarship is not only to promote research in the selected fields of study, but also to encourage cross border education as well as to foster cultural exchange between nations and institutes. This year, the ARCASIA Travel Prize aims to enable Young Architects to travel outside of their country to conduct design research in Japan related to architecture.


There will be three (3) prizes awarded, one for each of three ARCASIA zones: Zone A, Zone B, Zone C. Please refer to ARCASIA website for more information on the country zones.
The monetary amount for the award shall be
Zone A: 4,500 USD
Zone B: 4,500 USD
Zone C: 4,500 USD

The monetary awards must be used for travel to Japan. In addition to conducting proposed research, the travel itinerary will include visits to Nippon Steel, Sumitono Metal and Kimitsu Works, as well as visits to related buildings using SuperDyma and relevant architectural offices.

Upon returning from the travel, the three winners will be required to present their travel findings during the ARCASIA Award Ceremony in the ARCASIA Forum 18 to be held in Ayutthaya, Thailand, in November 2015. The three selected projects will also be published in hard copy and e-journal.


“Future of the Past” in Steel Construction The theme, Future of the Past, corresponds with the overarching theme of the ARCASIA Forum 18. The topic of study shall be steel construction techniques that can be used in traditional building form and building design in the applicant’s / the Young Architect’s home country and region. The proposed study shall culminate in a practical or hypothetical architectural design at the scale of multiple buildings, a building, a section of a building, or a particular building detail.


The panel of judges shall comprise of the members of the ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects (ACYA), consisting of architects from each of the three ARCASIA zones.

Selection Criteria will be based on innovation and creative use of cold form steel technology as a building material to be used in a traditional building.


Each proposal submission shall comprise of the following:
- Description of Goals & Objectives of the research.
- What will be achieved during the study trip to Japan.
- The proposal shall include travel itinerary during the research study trip.
- Visual images and historical precedents of traditional building form.

Submission Format:

1) Two A3 sheets, in format of High Quality Jpeg (Landscape Format 420×594 mm)
2) Resolution: 150dpi (3,508×2,480 pixels)
3) Text file containing the project statement (1000 words max).
4) Text file containing the entrants’ personal information, including name, age, contact address, email, and their architectural institute affiliation to their Asian country.

All materials must be submitted electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The total file size must not exceed 15 MB.


- Deadline for Submissions: May 11, 2015
- Announcement of Winners: June 15, 2015
- Travel period to Japan and Factory visits: July 15, 2015
- Presentation and Attendance at ARCASIA Forum: November 15, 2015

The Jury reserves the right to revise dates as deemed suitable during the award process.

Metamorphosis ArchAsia Student Competition 2015

ARCASIA 18th Forum, 2015 by ASA

ARCASIA Council at the 34th Council Meeting has selected the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) on 7th October in Kathmandu to host the ARCASIA 18th Forum in 2015 in Ayutthaya, Thailand. We will keep you updated on the theme and dates of the events progressively.

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