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ARCASIA Travel Prize 2016 Updates

One of our Travel Prize 2016 winners, Masum Huq from Bangladesh, has now completed his research trip in Bangkok, sponsored by NS Bluescope, on the urban homeless and their use of urban public space as temporary shelter. He has collaborated with the local mentor Chutayaves Sinthuphan of Site Specific. We and all mentors including Patama Roonrakwit [Case Studio] and Vipavee Khunavichayanont [Design for Disasters] look forward to meeting Masum again at his project presentation in Hong Kong this September!

ARCASIA 18th Forum, 2015 by ASA

ARCASIA Council at the 34th Council Meeting has selected the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) on 7th October in Kathmandu to host the ARCASIA 18th Forum in 2015 in Ayutthaya, Thailand. We will keep you updated on the theme and dates of the events progressively.

Official website: ARCASIA FORUM 18

Download: Call for paper for ARCASIA Forum 2015 (pdf)


ARCASIA Travel Prize 2015

Mr. Projwol Raj Bajracharya
Traditional Newari Houses - Kathmandu, Nepal

Mr. Made Suprana Wibawa
Jineng Roof - Bali, Indonesia

Ms. Hang Mei Mary Grace Chiu
Steel Folded Rooftop Houses - Hong Kong

Announcement of the ARCASIA Travel Prize 2015 Winners

We are delighted to announce the three winners of the ARCASIA Travel Prize 2015, nominated by the jury of our Committee on Young Architects (ACYA) representatives from each country zone. The three winners and the excerpts of their winning research proposals are as follows :


Metamorphosis ARCASIA Student Competition 2015


The Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) is organizing a ARCASIA Students Architectural Design Competition 2015. The Competition is open to 3rd and 4th year students of all architecture institutions that are accredited and/or recognized by the respective institutes of architects in the ARCASIA Countries. The objective of the competition is to provide an arena for students from ARCASIA member countries to participate in ARCASIA activities.

contact e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Dates :
15th February 2015 – Announcement of Competition
6th March 2015 –
26th June 2015 – Submission of the design in electronic format from each colleges
17th July 2015 – Selection and announcement of the two entries
24th July 2015 – Submission of electronics files of the two country entries to the Convener
4th September 2015 – Selection of the final best three design by Jury
14th November 2015 – Exhibition of country entries during the ARCASIA Forum


ARCASIA-IAP Young Architects Collaborative in Lahore, Pakistan January 23, 2016

Architecture is a process of design at a specific location for one or a group of people who share similar purposes with their own characteristic. Architects as creative lot of professionals many a times tend to branch out to other disciplines but use their training in school to nurture and improvise what they do best.

Life is a process of evolution. To ‘survive’ evolution, one must be able to adapt to the changes logically and sincerely. Design should be able to evolve to adapt efficiently to its locality, weather, users, functions, advantages or disadvantages and that is what we call ‘sensible design’. Today’s young architect is unique and brings together a strong history that combines compromises and respects the knowledge and ideas to customize a personal design philosophy. These new generations are designers, academia's, musicians, set & furniture designers, event & project managers, Choreographers, interior consultants and even fashion consultants. The theme of this talk is “Reiterating Horizons” and the presenters are: