One of the key features of ARCASIA is the ARCASIA Forum which is a platform for the on-going discussion of current architectural ideas pertinent to the region. This is a gathering of prominent architects and thinkers intended to serve as an Asian 'catapult of minds' on matters concerning architectural and environment in the Asian context.

The Forum is attended by delegates from member's countries as well as from outside the region. The number of delegates vary from 150 to 300, with about 50 from the host country.

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Forum 19

Happiness Through Architecture

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21-25 May 2017 Jaipur, India
Forum 18

Future of The Past

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11-16 Nov 2015 Ayutthaya, Thailand
Forum 17

Spiritual in Architecture

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6-11 Oct 2013 Kathmandu, Nepal
Forum 16

Asian Cities in the 21st Century

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15-20 Aug 2011 Danang, Vietnam
Forum 15 City and Politics 21-22 Sept 2009 Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Forum 14 Asianation - Architecture Across Culture 15-20 Sept 2007 Colombo, Sri Lanka
Forum 13

Simplicity & Complexity

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Dec 2005 ChiangMai
Forum 12 Globalization & Asian Architecture Dec 2003 Dhaka
Forum 11 Man, Architecture, Nature Sept 2000 Singapore
Forum 10 Technology and Tradition in Architecture Sept 1999 Seoul
Forum 9 Architecture of the Future in Asia Sept 1997 Japan
Forum 8 Asian Cities in Asia's Century Nov 1995 Singapore
Forum 7 The Vanishing Asian City Sept 1993 Hong Kong
Forum 6 New Thoughts in Housing in the Asian Context Sept 1991 Beijing
Forum 5 Food for Thought in Asian Architecture Oct 1989 Bangkok
Forum 4 My Architecture Oct 1987 Bali
Forum 3 Design Directions in Asia Oct 1986 Kuala Lumpur
Forum 2 Asian Identity Oct 1984 Manila
Forum 1 Innovations in Architecture Oct 1982 Sri Lanka