The Seventh China Weihai International Architectural Design Competition

Blue Star Cup·The Seventh China Weihai International Architectural Design Competition

Livable, Cultural, Environmentally Friendly

Hosted by:
  • Architectural Society of China
  • Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shandong Province
  • The Municipal People’s Government of Weihai

Organized by:
  • China Habitat Award Office
  • The Urban-Rural Development Committee of Weihai
  • Weihai Architectural Culture Media Center

Since 2004, six China Weihai International Architectural Design Competitions have been successfully hold in Weihai which have attracted more and more attention over the years from both home and abroad. This competition hopes to provide positive effects on the community by helping to guide urban construction, diversify architectural design, and to disseminate and put architectural culture on display. This competition hopes to further advocate the concept of harmonious development, by setting up a platform for international exchange and cooperation, upgrading urban and rural architectural design, and by creating a better social and human living environment in China. Blue Star Cup·The Seventh China Weihai International Architectural Design Competitionwill be jointly hosted by the Architectural Society of China, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shandong Province, and the Municipal People′s Government of Weihai. Entries will be put on exhibition during the Human Habitat Festival. The objectives of the competition are as follows:

  1. To explore effective ways of integrating architecture into localities, cultures, environment and eco-systems; to comprehensively consider the relationship between social, ecological, cultural and historical factors and architecture;to solve problems of pursuing architectural form blindly, fussing with architectural decorating, violating regular of natural value and Serious lack of architectural culture;to achieve harmony between architecture and human, architecture and city, architecture and nature.

  2. To advocate applicable, economic and aestheticideas of architectural design;to realize perfect combinationof function, practicality, ecology and artistry;topromote the exchanges of architectural art and the development of architectural creation;to promote the profession to a higher standard.

  3. To further improve the architect's design ability and comprehensive quality;to identify new creative works and plans, and discover and foster young design talents;toincorporate hi-tech, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, land-saving houses, and in hope of advancing architectural design theory.

Participation and categories:
Works mainly involve public, industrial and residential architecture. Urban planning, apartment complexes and landscape design are all accepted. Entries can either be a previously-finished project or a new and original plan.

Participants can be a company, either domestic or overseas; can be a professional designer, a teacher or a student from university or college. Individual submissions and group submissions are both acceptable.

Entry requirements:

  1. Entries should meet the following conditions:
    1. To conform to national standards, criteria and regulations, and carry out the enforced provisions of projects construction of the state;
    2. Design should be functional, economic and artistic, and coincide with the environment. Local ethnic culture should be considered when designing your submission
    3. Your design should efficiently utilize energy, land, water and materials, thus fully demonstrating a modern designing direction which is environmentally friendly;
    4. An emphasis should be placed on new technology and new materials with careful consideration that function is a priority;
    5. You should make new breakthroughs in architectural design;
    6. Your design feature should have social, economic and environmental benefits.

  2. Participants should fill in the application form (attached). Entry is free.

  3. Entries will not be returned. Participants may keep copies. Copyrights are reserved by the organizing committee.

  4. Requirements for drawings
    • Design plan should include creative illustration (floor plans, elevations, landscape design, transportation design) and rendering. No restrictions on expression. A 500-word explanation of the concept should be provided and can be combined with the drawing. Finished projects must be accompanied with photographic records;
    • All drawings should be finished by computer and mounted on a light exhibition board (exterior size is 600*600 mm).4 drawing boards are required for Blue Star Cup·The Seventh China Weihai International Architectural Design Competition.
    • The design plan should be submitted with a DVD (more than 300dpi) and the resume of the participant;
    • Employer, name, phone number, zip code and other contact information must be printed on the lower right corner of each drawing board, and covered by dark-colored and non-transparent paper.

Evaluation and awards:
An evaluation committee is formed by eminent experts and scholars invited by the Architectural Society of China. The winners will be awarded prizes, trophies and certificates by the evaluation committee.
Blue Star Cup·The Seventh China WeihaiInternational Architectural Design Competition awarding scheme: 2 first place finalists receive 50,000 yuan each; 5 second place finalists receive 30,000 yuan each; 10 third place finalists receive 10,000 yuan each; undefined number of honorable mentions receive 2000 yuan each.
The prizes mentioned above are still liable for tax.

Main Dates:
  1. Application form should be sent by mail or fax to Weihai Architectural Culture Media Centerbefore April 30st 2013.
  2. The design plan board must be sent to Weihai Architectural Culture Media Center directly by mail with a postmark that is dated no later than July 5th 2013.

The Training Department of Architectural Society of China
Address: 9 Sanlihe Road, Beijing
Zip code: 100835
Liaison person: Wang Jing
Tel: 010-88082229
Fax: 010-88082223

Survey and Design Department of Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shandong Province
Address:46 Xiaoweisi Road, Jingwu Road, Ji’nan
Zip code:250001
Liaison person:Li Yulin

Weihai Architectural Culture Media Center
Address:101 Room, 4 Building, 10 West Tashan Road, Weihai
Zip code:264200
Liaison person:Wang Ying, Liu Jiajia
Tel:0631-5181266, 13371183358,13371183197
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attached: The Application Form of Blue Star Cup• The Seventh China Weihai International Architectural Design Competition


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