President's Message (2017)

It is a great honour for the Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP) and myself, personally, to take over as President of ARCASIA for the term 2017-18. I realize the enormity of responsibility and the expectations that the members of this 21-nation organization have from this office.

This is more so because my immediate predecessors Ar. Nui Sathirut Tandanand from Thailand (2015-16) and Ar. Pei Ing Tan from Malaysia (2013-14), who had been remarkably pro-active during their respective tenures, have set the bar at a very high level.

We have discussed with our corporate partners to help setting up seminars and workshop program for any institute that require technical knowledge for their members. Our corporate partners are ROCA, SIKA, BlueScope Steel, Siam Cement Group.

Responding to the challenges faced by architects, posed by a rapidly changing built environment in the Asian Region, these two stalwarts of ARCASIA introduced several new initiatives that would promote and recognize good practice, sustainable design, social responsibility, disaster preparedness, education and the promotion and empowerment of the younger architects.

ARCASIA is today recognized globally as one of the most active and influential regional organizations. This is true because, having a distinct “Asian Identity”, we think alike and act as a closely-knit family and our approach to the commonality of issues we face as architects, is very similar.

We share our problems and concerns, empathize with each other and are always ready to support each other when required. This has been our main strength as an organization.

I am blessed with a very hard working and committed team – Ar. Ramiz Baig as Honorary Secretary, Ar. Sannah Ejaz as the Honorary Treasurer, Ar. Pei Ing Tan and Ar. George Kunihiro as Advisors. With the Immediate Past President, the three elected Vice Presidents and five Committee Chairpersons as Office Bearers, I can foresee the dynamism and vibrancy in the team and greatly look forward to working with them to continue with and build upon the programmes set up by my predecessors, particularly the initiatives taken in the domain of Architectural Education and Training and the promotion of Young Architects. I hope to promote and encourage the Roundtables of all five ARCASIA committees as well and also look to Sports within our ARCASIA countries to promote fraternity. I also look at the recent growth in ARCASIA membership as a very positive trend.

I am also very hopeful that I will receive the support of all the presidents of the 21-member Institutes in taking ARCASIA to further heights.