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Country Zones

Zone A

BIA - Bhutan Institute of Architects
IAB - Institute of Architects Bangladesh
IIA - The Indian Institute of Architects
IAP - Institute of Architects Pakistan
SLIA - Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
SONA - Society of Nepalese Architects

Zone B

ALACE - Association of Lao Architects and Civil Engineers
AMA - Association of Myanmar Architects
ASA - The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage
IAI - Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia
PAM - Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia
PUJA - Pertubuhan Ukur Jurutera & Arkitek
SIA - Singapore Institute of Architects
UAP - United Architects of the Philippines
VAA - Vietnam Association of Architects

Zone C

AAM - Architects Association of Macau
ASC - Architectural Society of China
HKIA - The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
JIA - The Japan Institute of Architects
KIRA - Korea Institute of Registered Architects
UMA - Union of Mongolian Architects

President's Message 2017-18

The ARCASIA 2017 year started 14th of January 2017 with our Office Bearers meeting in Islamabad where President Sathirut Nui Tandanand handed over the ARCASIA Presidency to me. While giving me the Chain of office, he whispered an advice to me. He said learn to say NO, while adding he himself has not learnt it yet. The value of this advice was not lost on me as the next 8 months became a flurry of activity and travel all over the globe for ARCASIA and ARCASIA related activities, resulting from our agenda of ARCASIA-Reaching out to other Regions, to share knowledge and vision for the betterment of us all.

An invitation from our dear friend President Harsha Fernando from SLIA Sri lankan Institute of Architects to their annual Architectural Events followed in February 2017 where I was fortunate enough to meet and hear the world-famous Architect Moshe Safdie talk about his ongoing projects and his twin towers under construction in Colombo and many others. The Urbanism discussion and resulting dialogue that followed in this event led to Incoming President Daya Hemantha Wijewardene expressing his interest to host the ARCASIA Training on URBANISM in February 2018 for Young Teachers and Architects from ARCASIA Institutes. Sadly, this was the last that I met Harsha before his untimely demise. (May his soul rest in peace!)

The ACGSA Roundtable on Sustainability and Green in Bangkok was soon to follow on 24th February 2017 and we are grateful to President Ajaphol Dusitnanond that it was hosted by ASA at the Chatrium Hotel in Bangkok. This was followed soon after by our next OB meeting in Singapore on 17th March 2017 for which we are grateful to SIA for their hosting the meeting in Singapore. We had invited IIA President Ar Divya Kush to be able to discuss the ARCASIA FORUM 19 Preparations and Issues in Jaipur since there was a problem with visas to visit the event locations in the host country.

In April 2017 the Jury for AAA-ARCASIA Award for Architecture was held in Kathmandu to be able to accommodate me to also attend as required. An amazing quality of entries made the job of the jury even more challenging. We were able to invite international jurors like Ar. Hyder Ali from Sudan, Ar. Yolanda Reyes from Philippines and Famous Indian Art and Movie Persona Amol Palekar apart from IIA President Divya Kush and his wonderful team and myself.

It was a conversation on building a virtual knowledge bridge between Asia and Europe that led to a breakfast meeting in Hong Kong last year between ACE President Lucianno Lazzari and 6 or 7 of us from ARCASIA. This resulted not only in an invitation from ACE President to attend their Council meeting in May 2017 but also that it will be followed up by a full day European association of Architectural Education event where I could present the ARCASIA vision to the European Architectural Education Fraternity in the Casa Dell’ Architectura in Rome. I was able to present our ARCASIA vision of collaboration and mutual cooperation in areas of Architectural Education, Heritage, Green and Sustainability, Professional Practice, CPD and Social Responsibility which was very well received by all present both at the Architects Council Europe and the EAAE. Many expressed their interest to reach out and join in such collaborative endeavors.

On my way back from Rome I used the opportunity to meet President V4AF Visegrad 4 Architectural Foundation Ar. Erno Kalman in Budapest to explore the proposed MOU between ARCASIA and V4AF. Our positive discussions led to exploring a joint ARCASIA + V4AF Symposium and Roundtable on HERITAGE: Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Structures. This Roundtable was planned and agreed upon to be undertaken jointly and took place almost 4-5 weeks later.

The 19th ARCASIA FORUM took place on the 21st -26th May 2017 in the beautiful city of Jaipur in Northern India. Unfortunately, the 6 months long outstanding visa issues remained unresolved and since no visas from IAP, nor the three of us ARCASIA Office Bearers Hon, Secretary ARCASIA Ramiz Baig, Hon. Treasurer Sannah Ejaz nor myself got any visas, we could not attend a wonderful event. The ARCASIA Council meeting was decided to be moved from India and is now being held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 3rd and 4th of November 2017.

The joint ARCASIA + V4AF Symposium and Roundtable on HERITAGE: Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Structures took place on the 1st of July 2017 at the Klebelsberg Kastély, Buda, Budapest. It was a well-attended Symposium and Roundtable with delegates from 10 ARCASIA (Asian) Countries and 3 of the 4 European Institutes were represented by their Presidents. The Hungarian Government supported the event by sending two representatives that participated as well.

The Successful Roundtable led to a Jointly Signed Resolution between ARCASIA and V4AF. The much encouraged V4AF has invited ARCASIA to hold further such joint events together in mutual areas of interest.

A meeting with the President of the Association of Hungarian Architects (AHA) Mr. Andras Krizsan took place in Budapest with Hon Secretary Ramiz Baig and Myself where, the AHA President was also very keen to undertake joint events with ARCASIA and suggested to start with sending an International exhibition to ARCASIA Institutes and vice versa.

Right after our Roundtable in Hungary, I went to RIBA London as honored by the President RIBA Ar. Jane Duncan to receive the RIBA Presidential Medal at an impressive ceremony at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. This was followed by a ‘Election Court’ Livery Dinner Jointly Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects at the RIBA. On the sidelines of the RIBA events President RIBA convened an International Presidents Breakfast Meeting which was most useful to attempt a synergy in our various International Organizations’ efforts towards attempting to meet the MDGs Millennium Development Goals as a profession. The AIA American Institute of Architects also honored me with an Honorary AIA Membership and The American Institute of Architects Presidential Medal that was received on my behalf by ARCASIA Past President Ar. Tan Pei Ing in Orlando USA for which I am very grateful to her and Ar. Rita Soh, who were both honored guests invited to accompany me by AIA.

Right after our Roundtable in Hungary, I went to RIBA London as honored by the President RIBA Ar. Jane Duncan to receive the RIBA Presidential Medal at an impressive ceremony at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. This was followed by a ‘Election Court’ Livery Dinner Jointly Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects at the RIBA. On the sidelines of the RIBA events President RIBA convened an International Presidents Breakfast Meeting which was most useful to attempt a synergy in our various International Organizations’ efforts towards attempting to meet the MDGs Millennium Development Goals as a profession. The AIA American Institute of Architects also honored me with an Honorary AIA Membership and The American Institute of Architects Presidential Medal that was received on my behalf by ARCASIA Past President Ar. Tan Pei Ing in Orlando USA for which I am very grateful to her and Ar. Rita Soh, who were both honored guests invited to accompany me by AIA.

This was closely followed by ACAE holding the ARCASIA Roundtable on Architectural Education in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 17th July 2017 that was held right after the ACAE Architectural Studio Teacher Training by ARCASIA Vice President Zone-C and Master Teacher Trainer Ar. Nuno Soares. We are grateful to President Djuhara of IAI Institute of Architects Indonesia and his amazing team of professionals Young and Younger for the amazing hospitality during our short visit to Indonesia.

We left for our OB Meeting in Kuala Lumpur the day after arriving just in time for the opening ceremony of PAM’s Beautiful New Building. I am extremely grateful to the kind and gracious honor shown to me by PAM President Ezumi Harzani Ismail during the Inauguration of their Building by the Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah who not only accepted an ARCASIA momento from me but also very graciously signed the PAM Building Souvenir for me. It was a big honor to be invited to dine with His Highness for me as well as for Ar. Rita Soh I am sure.

Our successful Office Bearers Meeting was in parallel to the PAM Kuala Lumpur Architectural Festival at KLCC Malaysia. IAI President Ar. Ahmed Djuhara was our invited guest in our OB meeting.

We went to the UIA2017 Congress was held in Seoul, South Korea from 3rd to 10th September 2017. Architects Regional Council Asia, ARCASIA, was a visible presence during the congress due to the successful staging of a seminar jointly hosted with the Architects Council Europe (ACE) “A look into the future of education from Asian and European perspectives”. This was another instance of ARCASIA’s recent initiative towards cross regional cooperation.

The seminar was chaired by myself and President ACE, Lucianno Lazzari. The event was moderated by Honorary Secretary ARCASIA, Ramiz Baig. Notable speakers along with the chairmen included, President UIA - Esa Muhammad, Livio Sacchi from CNAPPC, Arturo Lavalle and Valina Geropanta from Guglielmo Marconi University Italy, Nuno Soares – ARCASIA Vice President Zone C and Mikako Oshima representing Arcasia Committee on Young Architects. ARCASIA also had a booth display in the exhibition hall showcasing ARCASIA Award for Architecture winning entries as well as ARCASIA promotional video and materials. Myself and Honorary Secretary Ramiz Baig represented ARCASIA during the UIA General Assembly. The Honorary Secretary also chaired a UIA paper session on Architectural Theory and History on the sidelines of UIA Congress in Seoul Korea.

It has been a very positively vibrant and busy year for us at ARCASIA, and we look forward to the upcoming ARCASIA: Green and Sustainability Symposium in Dubai 15th, 16th December 2017 followed by the week long ARCASIA: URBANISM training workshop by Prof. Fabio Todeschini in Colombo in February 2018. We hope to have a wonderful attendance at both places from all the member Institutes of ARCASIA. The Arcasia Emergency Architects AEA is being worked on by Joseph Kwan and Rita Soh alongside Nui and remains our much cherished and important project to look seriously at training architects to respond to disasters and coordinate with their respective country NDMAs to become an active post disaster management entity in the aftermath of any such unfortunate incident.

Our Focus this year is ARCASIA reaching outwards to other zones of the world interactively in the areas of Architectural Education, Teacher Training, Urbanism, Heritage, Social Responsibility, Professional Practice, Cross Border Practice and many others as we see appropriate for collaboration. Our Committee for Young Architects needs to be involved in all of these to be able to hone ARCASIA leadership for the next generation in all areas.

President's Message (2015)

On 17th January 2015, we had an Official ARCASIA Handover Ceremony and Office Bearers Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand hosted by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA). We had a very smooth administration transfer, followed by a fruitful meeting and discussions.

I am happy to say that our administration will carry on with the policies and projects initiated under the capable leadership of Immediate Past President Ar. Tan Pei Ing. I also wish to provide you with our goals and objectives, and list the projects we planned to achieve in the two next year.

ARCASIA PROJECTS for 2015-2016


  • 1.1 ARCASIA Faculty Exchange and Visitation Program.


  • 2.1 I wish to establish a "Basic How to Start Professional Practice Guidelines". The information can be used by any Institute to help their members. This will be most beneficial for all young and experienced architects in our region.
  • 2.2 Develop list of ARCASIA Expert Facilitators to help share professional knowledge on "How to Do" professional practice and other CPD Seminars. With the assistance from developed institutes such as KIRA, JIA, HKIA, SIA, PAM, and others, we can help initiate workshop for any institute and provide information on "International Standard for Professional Practice" that can be disseminated to individual architects as required.

3. Green and SUSTAINABLE under ACGSA

  • 3.1 Compile information on Green Council of member institute that have established guidelines.
  • 3.2 Understand "Incentive programs" of Green Council of each member Institute.
  • 3.3 How to promote Green and Sustainable Designs not only to architects but also developers, bankers, policy makers, and general public.


  • 4.1 ARCASIA Prize Traveling Fellowship will be launched January 2015. The sponsor for the fellowship is BlueScope Steel Thailand. The first travel program will be up to 3 months research in Japan.
  • 4.2 Create a platform to exchange design ideas between 19 member countries.
  • 4.3 Source of information for design competition in our region and the world.
  • 4.4 Information on Cross Border Mentorship Program. This is being done on an adhoc basis with KIRA and ASA. We wish to make this into ARCASIA Program under ACYA.
  • 4.5 Information on job opportunities in our region.
  • 4.6 Any professional issues relating to young architects.

5. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY under ACSR (Proposed by VP Zone B: Ar. Endy Sobijono)

Disaster Risk Reduction
  • 5.1 Mapping of ARCASIA Disaster Centers/Organizations in each state and compile necessary information.
  • 5.2 Architectural Emergency Procedures in terms of risk reduction.
  • 5.3 Networking with similar organizations i.e Architecture for Humanity, Emergency Architects, Asia Disaster Preparedness Center, etc.
Architecture for the Less Fortunate
  • 5.4 Initiate for networking of ARCASIA architects working on this issue.
  • 5.5 Exchange of information and documentation of local renewable materials.

6. Corporate Partners providing Technical support to ARCASIA.

We have discussed with our corporate partners to help setting up seminars and workshop program for any institute that require technical knowledge for their members. Our corporate partners are ROCA, SIKA, BlueScope Steel, Siam Cement Group.


Develop an ARCASIA Travel Exhibition to showcase award winning designs given by ARCASIA. This will be a high tech/ electronic exhibition that can be easily transportable to any where in the world.

Our concentration for this first year will be the following:
Launch of ARCASIA Travel Prize Competition for young architects under 40 to be announce this month, January 2015.

Setting up Professional Practice Workshop for all architects, young and old, to have a better understanding of international standard practice with subjects ranging from "how to" set up an architectural practice, office management, as well as project management. The first workshop series will be held at ARCASIA Forum in Ayutthaya in November 2015.

I am also very happy to announce the MOU signing of two corporate partners, BlueScope and Sika. BlueScope will be providing sponsorship funding for ARCASIA Travel Prize to Japan, while Sika will be our "Platinum Partner" for the next two years. In addition, our two partners will provide technical support for ARCASIA Technical Workshop which will also be launched during ARCASIA Forum in Ayutthaya.

Our "Team ARCASIA" will hit the ground running to get as many activities and projects for the benefit of our member institutes and Asian architects. We are eager to serve you to the best of our abilities.

President Message (July 2014)

President Ar. Tan Pei Ing

June 2014 has been a very busy month for ARCASIA and we have just concluded our one week long ARCASIA 16th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA16) and associated events, hosted by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM). Months of intensive preparation and planning were put in to organize all the events. ACA16 was considered by most to be a great success, with overwhelming positive response and feedback from member Institutes, the official delegates, international and regional guests who attended the events.

We started ACA16 with a friendly ARCASIA golf for the keen golfers on 23rd June 2014. On the same day, the judging panels met at PAM to conduct the judging of the Architectural Student Design Ideas Competition on ‘The Making of Socially Responsible Design Today, to Shape Communities to be Responsible Citizens of Tomorrow’. This competition was jointly organized by ARCASIA Committee of Social Responsibility (ACSR) and PAM to create and promote awareness in socially responsible architecture to architectural students, who are our future generation of architects. We had 54 submissions from students from ARCASIA member countries and the judges were extremely happy with the outcome.

We had 3 days of very intensive meetings. The Office Bearers and Various Committee Meetings were held on 24th June 201 and we managed to achieve most of programs initiated at the beginning of our term of office. The 35th Council Meetings on both 25th and 26th June 2014 ended on a very positive note and many delegates acknowledged the large amount of work that was been done over the past 1-½ years. This was the last Council Meeting I chaired as President of ARCASIA. Although my term would end only at the end of 2014, ACA16 and the 35th Council Meeting would be the highlight and the most significant events that were held before I step down as President. We look forward to wrap up the remaining works by the end of the year and pass the baton to the President Elect Ar. Sathirut Nui Tanndanard in early 2015.

The last 1-½ years had been a very fulfilling and enriching journey. Looking back, we are delighted to announce that we did manage to achieve many of the milestones that we have targeted. The feedbacks from member Institutes have been really heartwarming and encouraging and they make all the hard work worthwhile. One of the Institute members even suggested during the recent Council meeting to change the constitution to a 4-year term presidency! However, I strongly believe that my successor with his new team will definitely continue with the momentum that has been built and establish new targets to bring ARCASIA to greater height.

The 2 days ACA16 – Datum:KL Conference on 27th and 28th June 2014, PAM has chosen ‘RejuveNATION’ as the theme for ACA16. This echoes the same vision that I have adopted for my presidency of ARCASIA. This is indeed very timely, especially in the current challenging global context. We really need to explore new approaches to rejuvenate the profession in order to stay relevant and to equip our profession to face the challenging tasks ahead.

A half-day Professional Practice Forum was also held on 25th June 2015, focusing on three broad area of interest that will shape the current and future architectural education and practice. They are urban planning, BIM and practice related issues. The response was also overwhelming.

The Students’ Jamboree with the participation of close to 500 students, with more than 200 students from member countries was also a great success. The students were able to network and exchange their ideas and aspirations. Most important, many great long-term friendships were fostered among the students.

ACA16, together with the 35th ARCASIA Council Meeting, various Forums and ARCHIDEX exhibition had provided the opportunity for us to share our common values, knowledge, experience and aspirations. It has stimulated fruitful discussions on issues that confront the built environment and allowed us to demonstrate the solidarity and commitment of the architectural profession to work with the other industry players and the community to address the many pressing issues affecting habitation and social economic issues in our increasing fractious society. We should reinvent our profession, re-examine our priorities and pledge our commitment to promote responsible and sustainable architecture to create a more congenial built environment today and for our future generations.

We have rebranded the ARCASIA Awards for Architecture (AAA) to raise the standard of the Awards to a much more prestigious awards which is in line with our vision to promote the design excellence of the architects within Asia region. This is to give due recognition to the Award winners and celebrate their talents to a much wider audience. AAA 2013 was successfully concluded despite the extremely tight schedule and the presentation of the Awards was by the Honorable President of Nepal. This is probably the first time in the history of ARCASIA Awards where it was given such significant recognition and honor.

For AAA2014, we have received an even greater response with 272 submissions; which is more than 30% increase in participation as compared to AAA2013. I am very happy to note that we have received a lot of submissions in the 2 new categories of Awards, which were introduced as part of our key agenda, “Sustainability and Socially Responsible” Architecture. This demonstrates the increasing awareness of architects on the virtues of “Responsible Architecture”.

The various architectural stories among our winners also tell of remarkable endeavors; some that were achieved under harsh environments with tremendous limitations. They served not only to foster greater levels of creativity but also promote the virtues of resourcefulness. All of these architectural works will lift the human spirit and celebrate our humanity. They will also inspire us and fuel our ambition and commitment to excel.

In my inaugural speech as the President of ARCASIA, I spoke about my deep passion for “Architecture for Humanity” and pledged to make this as one of the key agenda under my presidency. I am very glad to note that many of us share the same passion and commitment. We have initiated our 1st Post Forum Symposium on Social Responsibility in Nepal last year with great success. This year, ARCASIA jointly with PAM has organized this 2nd Post ACA Symposium on Social Responsibility on 29th June to showcase our joint commitment to promote awareness on the need for us to reexamine our priority as Architects and responsible architecture focusing on post disaster preparedness and management, social housing, universal design and community based architecture/initiatives. The presentation of awards for the Students' Poster competition of Social Responsibility was held at the same time. We have secured a lot of support from our friends in the building industry, as we believe that only when we pool our resources together, can we make a difference.

Over the years, our Asia region has its fair shares of Natural disasters, the earthquake in China, the tsunami in Japan, the flood in Thailand and the most recent Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines at the end of last year. All these disasters were devastating and the damages were immeasurable in every aspect. All these natural disasters demonstrated how ruthless nature could be and this will not be the end of it. As such, there is an urgent need for us to address all the pre and post disaster issues. The question remain whether we in any way could have helped to mitigate the impact and what could we do to make a difference in managing future disasters. ARCASIA is in the position and can serve as a platform to establish a framework and guidelines for helping affected member Institutes look at issues such as disaster management.

I am glad to note that the momentum of this program initiated by ARCASIA is growing and I hope that the spirit of giving and caring carries on as an integral part of ARCASIA events in the future. I am also pleased to inform that ARCASIA has just established our own ARCASIA Emergency Architects and we have completed our draft of ARCASIA Social Responsibility Charter.

Architecture Asia (AA) magazine, the ARCASIA’s official journal was also transformed. Our intention was to position it as an internationally recognized magazine that will reflect the intrinsic quality of Asian architecture today and allow Asian Architects the rightful opportunity to explore and expound the virtues of Asian Architecture globally.

We recognized the need to engage the younger architects and the Council at the 35th Council meeting decided to set up a Committee on Young Architects. This is also part of the effort to rejuvenate ARCASIA and to make ARCASIA more inclusive.

The Inaugural ‘Architecture Asia Awards for Emerging Architecture’ was launched in February 2014 and successfully concluded and presented at ACA16 with 8 winners. This is to promote our young talented designers and at the same time, create a platform for intellectual discourse among our future generation and to build our future leaders.

We have continued with our engagement with a wider audience, targeting the younger generation through new media communication methodology. ARCASIA Facebook has gained its popularity and Facebook for the respective Committees have also been set up to provide convenient communication platform for discourse among the committee members.

ARCASIA is well recognized and respected by other international and regional organizations. We will continue with our agenda to engage all the organizations and to participate actively in their events. This will also help reinforce the position of ARCASIA as an organization that can truly represent the interests of our profession as the leader to shape the built environment.
I would like to reiterate again that, as an organization, ARCASIA could only be as strong as the commitment and support of all our Member Institutes. As such, I look forward to more active participation and support from all member institutes in collectively realizing our vision to rejuvenate ARCASIA into a more vibrant and relevant organization.

I would like to end my message by reminding us that ARCASIA has a dream and our dream is:
‘To have a rejuvenated organization’, so, “Let us all work together to make our dream come true and make a difference’

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Ar. Tan Pei Ing,
President of ARCASIA